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Benefits of Post Buddy fence repair. The cost of a wood fence varies based on the type of wood, the size of the fence and the style. 0368, 224 S. 3 In the total fencing prices included installation of new fence posts and new fence installation. Our fence boards and 2×4’s (rails) are made of California redwood while the posts and kickboards are typically pressure treated douglas fir. Murphy Fence Company will custom install your new fence or you may choose to install it yourself. Get better quality vinyl fencing when you buy direct from the manufacturer. Commercial Terminal Post Extension --For 2-3/8" O. Wood fencing is great if you want privacy and a traditional look for your property. We specialise in a range of products that are designed to help you save time and ensure your garden fencing last as long as possible without you having to attend to it yearly. Assuming we’re dealing with a wood fence, you can just zip off the nails all of the way down. Sizes range from 2" tops 6 1/2' long to 6" tops 30' long poles. Oh, this is mostly for the gate, though. My start point is usually a gate. DecksDirect. PROVEN Results: Read Our Testimonials. Examine your fence, no matter what its type, and you can probably identify each of these elements. The Eastern subterranean is the most common. 7860 DIAGONAL. Their stately look is a great way to top off traditional wood balusters, or add texture to a more modern deck design. Looking for. They can also keep a wood fence from warping or falling during a windstorm. Badger Fence is licensed, bonded and insured. With a post shear strength of 2480 PSI, Black Locust wood is known for its strength and durability. Pressure Treated Wood Post 5479702050103000, wood, turned-round posts are made from durable fir and hemlock wood from The Home Depot. But in order to keep it that way, you need to do a little maintenance to protect the fence from the elements. Sutherlands Home Improvement stores carry supplies and accessories for post and rail fencing, including different styles of posts, cedar rails, and more. To set the fence post for a wooden picket fence: Set stakes to mark the outline of the fence just outside the fence perimeter. It is measured in pounds of preservative per cubic foot of wood (pcf). Line posts are any posts between the main posts. This fence is supported by steel poles instead of wooden posts. Find a large selection of Farm Steel & Metal Fence Posts in the Farm & Livestock department at low Fleet Farm prices. Steel Post Wood Fence Options As an alternative to standard cedar posts clients looking to prolong the life of their cedar fence and for landscapes with excessive water we offer steel post systems. See more fence posts ideas here. Methods vary a little by wire types, so below are general guidelines to driving fence staples by fence type. Today, Lonestar Fence & Supply Co. To carry out the replacement, you need work gloves, work boots, a post-hole digger, and a narrow shovel. The Eastern subterranean is the most common. I'm looking to sell everything for $40-. Determine the distance of your fence posts. By eliminating the multitude of middlemen, we can pass along great savings and increased quality. Discover How To Set A Pressure Treated 4x4 Wood Post as expert handyman Rick E Patterson takes you step-by-step method and other Carpentry Tips from start to finish. Galvanized fence posts typically last longer than wood posts, extending the life of the fence by helping to avoid a common problem: rotting fence posts. Posts are done the same way. Fiber posts can be finished with solid-body stains or even painted. When setting the fence posts, make sure about 1/3 of each post is buried in the ground. Item # 700019. Wood has for centuries been the material of choice for fence posts and power and telecoms poles, however the achilles heel of this application is the rot which attacks the ground line section, If your treated fence posts or treated utility poles rot through and break off at ground level after only a few years you are faced with many problems. This wood has undergone a process in which chemicals that protect the wood from insects and decay are forced into the wood, making it last longer. Round posts almost always have a big end and a small end. The easy yet effective DIY solution for repairing broken wooden fence posts Tried and tested - over 200,000 Post Buddy stakes sold so far Saves hours of hard work - no need to dig up the post or take the fence apart. In California, our redwood - the "white wood" is worthless in the ground but the heart or red will last a very long time. Tornado’s Titan 949-12 12. Continue this until all posts have been located and staked. Most wood fence posts for picket-style fences will be. 6″X8′ Pressure Treated Cylinder Fence Posts $ 16. That's why we choose to install heavy-duty steel posts and install every one with precision leveling them three ways: inline, side-to-side, and across the tops. Call today: 401-727-0806. Most correctly embedded wood fence posts are set in concrete or cement to ensure their stability. To carry out the replacement, you need work gloves, work boots, a post-hole digger, and a narrow shovel. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. 7860 DIAGONAL HIGHWAY LONGMONT, COLORADO 80503 PHONE 303-652-2872 FAX 303-652-2286 EMAIL [email protected] Harder woods require a shorter staple to do the same job. Repairing a 6' tall wood fence using metal posts without digging or using any concrete. Installation Troubles. I recommend having someone help you to install the panels; the job will proceed faster and be less labor intensive. Cedar Fence is one of Long Island’s oldest fence companies. All lumber used in privacy, picket and formal rail fencing is #2 grade or better. Get better quality vinyl fencing when you buy direct from the manufacturer. This fence was falling over due to the post having rotten through and it was not possible to drive a stake down the side of the wooden post due to the ball of concrete at the post's base. Welcome to Idaho Fence & Deck Supply - The wholesale fence and deck supplier that contractors have come to trust and rely on for the last 10+ years! Retail and Wholesale Clients Welcome at our centrally located, easy access facility offering: A full line of cedar fence and deck materials; Vinyl fence and deck materials in stock; Stock rails and. The components of a wood fence include vertical posts, rails that run horizontally from post to post, and screening material such as boards or pickets. First, I anchor my fence–bending the fence wire around the t-post where I’m starting. The posts are pressure treated 4 x 4's and the fence panels are made from 2 x 4's and hog wire. Western Fence Company (602. Hydraulic post drivers for every application. Using the 2×4 as a lever, pull down on it to pull the post out of the ground. Wrought Iron Fence with Add-on Decorations Mounted on Wood Posts. Total Poles can provide you with machined round poles, natural hardwood poles, machined play area poles, fence posts, gate posts, telegraph poles and more. You could very well dig down to the concrete around the broken post, SPENDING HOURS before you need a few guys to help you lift the heavy concrete and. This will expedite answers to your questions. Remember that there are different quality wood preservative treatments. I'm installing a fence and arbor in my front yard. The fence posts establish the line of the fence and provide the stability. Choose from materials like cedar, pressure treated pine, redwood, IPE and even more. and I saw NONE. PGT is suitable for standard applications as well as corners and splices. Your farm or ranch will look astounding with a fence made of our no taper pressure treated wood fence posts. Wood Fence Post Options. posts for you fence. Posts are drilled 16″ on center to accept rails and have domed tops. After the installer completed putting the fence up we walked the perimeter and it looked great. Once the fence post is rotted, it will blow over easily in the. T-post insulators work well for poly tape, wire, and rope; they are also easy to install and simple to maintain. The diameter stated is the approximate diameter of the top of the post. Reliable Fence Boston will always attempt to meet or beat any reasonable price offered by legitimate fence companies. Turning a four-foot chainlink fence into a six-foot wood fence. We supply a giant range of treated poles, pilings and posts. wood post gate anchor. Our product offering includes all types of farm supplies, clothing, housewares, tools, fencing, and more. There are wood preservatives that support a tolerance for indirect food-contact uses such as wooden crates, pallets, and stakes used to store or grow raw agriculture commodities. Discover amazing local deals on Fence posts for sale Quick & hassle-free shopping with Gumtree, Round Wooden Treated Fence Post Stakes, Wood Wire Fencing. Pointed & Capped available in 3-7" diameters and 6-12' lengths. AsktheBuilder. DecksDirect. A drill/power screwdriver, tarp, and screws also come handy in the job. Today, Lonestar Fence & Supply Co. Wood Fence Posts and Poles, Wood Fencing. The best time of the year to build fence is in the early spring while there may be good moisture in the ground. The posts are also commonly used in highland or windy areas or more typically on farmland as a cost effective solution to help maintain livestock. Best Deal: Lexington 6 ft high fence $17. All our aluminum fence panels come with a matching stainless steel, colored-head, self-tapping panel-to-post connection hardware. We have a complete line of industrial fence products from chainlink fencing to ornamental fencing, tennis courts, metal framework for wood fencing, wire wall partitions, swing gates and gate wheels, guardrail and baseball backstops that we can supply. Find your next Vinyl, Wood, Chain Link or Aluminum fence at one of our 7 locations in Orlando, Tampa, Oviedo, Melbourne, Daytona, North Port or Port Richey. Had a couple of people round to quote for some fencing and a gate in the back garden, about 9m length overall. 8' long cedar fence posts and corner posts 2" - 10" inch. 21 el Wood fence design shall beas specl¶ed by 2328. If you are planning to install a Houston wood fence on your property, you might consider using high-quality steel posts rather than wood or vinyl-covered wood. It was not tamped in properly when the post was first put in, and as the ground settles, a gap opens around the post allowing it How to Fix Loose Fence Posts | Hunker. This fence is supported by steel poles instead of wooden posts. Wooden Fence Posts. How Does the Cost of Steel Fence Posts Compare to Wood? PostMaster steel fence posts cost more initially than wood fence posts. rough fence boards, split rail & round posts We stock the industry's largest variety of heavy timbers for landscaping, marine industrial, and agricultural uses. Depending on what you are trying to accomplish, will depend on which species you choose. Assuming we're dealing with a wood fence, you can just zip off the nails all of the way down. A well-constructed fence can protect privacy, define your property, and enhance curb appeal. November 1, 2019 Garden Design 46. However, treated and stained white and red pine posts have proven to be an excellent choice for fence posts. The cedar split rail fence should technically be considered a post and rail fence, but it is sometimes considered a separate type of fencing. When using wooden posts, ordinary fence staples are used. • Ideal For Pole Buildings, Fence Posts, Decks or Anywhere Wood Comes In Contact With Soil. Inside: How to make a DIY Wood Wall from an old fence, as well as other ideas for using fence boards and interior wood plank walls. Poor connections are a common culprit in electric fence problems. For sale i have 20 fence posts for a 6ft fence these post are unused and new, would sell separated but would rather the lot went 100 takes the lot roughly 5. The above ground sections of the wood fence you installed, not that many year ago, looks good but the post are rotten and need to be replaced. I'm looking to sell everything for $40-. He put concrete in the braces, but not each line post, these are just tamped in the ground. Often the panels will be reversed and overlap enough to hide the fence and make “good neig. Setting Fence Posts in Concrete Set fence posts in fast-setting concrete if you're planning to leave the fence in place for a long time or if you have very loose, sandy soil. Nationally we direct ship wholesale containers of ornamental fence to other fence suppliers. and then buy fence posts, John still clears. When they put up the fence this week, they used fence post spikes instead of drilling post holes and securing the posts with concrete. Homeowners nationwide pay an average of $559 to repair a wooden fence. W elcome to Rocky Mountain Rustic, your source for the cedar fence post ducks and fish! These creations began their journey over a hundred years ago as juniper fence posts, planted in the ranches and fields across the early American West. Completed a 6' wooden dog ear in the spring enclosing a pool. We offer great prices, excellent service, and a dedication to excellence in material quality. These are often used in conjunction with concrete posts and gravel boards (gravel boards sit under the panel to avoid water damage). Florida Fence Post Company, Inc. Electric fence product specialists avaliable online and by phone. Our pressure treated fencing provides long-term protection against rot, fungal decay and termite attack. Many customers also use the Mowstrip for dog kennels, storage bins, children's play area, cemeteries, day cares and baseball fields. Find quality fence posts online or in store. Steel posts won’t rot. Steel fence posts offer superior strength and a longer lasting performance when compared with wood 4 x 4 post fence posts and are a popular choice for building wood fences today. They provide stability and attachment points. The owner of our fence company has been doing nothing but metal and wood fences for 38 years and this is what he does really well. 01 SECTION INCLUDES A. Alamo Decks and Fence in San Antonio provides high quality residential fencing. Use steel posts rather than wooden posts, they will last longer and provide stronger support for your fence; Have the fence built so that the wood does not touch the ground, this will reduce the risk of moisture problems such as rotting, warping and splitting; Building a Wood Fence Yourself. Cut a piece of scrap wood that will be used to support the top rail as it is attached to post. Turning a four-foot chainlink fence into a six-foot wood fence. Brand Fence Post Type. Post spacing is the distance between fence posts, commonly measured from center to center. Biodegradation is a cycle of life. Pooling water saturates the buried and ground level portion of the wood post, hastening decomposition of the wood. In addition, the company was extremely responsive to my questions throughout about styles of fence and what I could expect. Center the pre-drilled 2" x 2" top rails against the posts and toenail in place with 3" deck screws. BIRD HOUSES - Yesterday I saw some cute wooden bird houses at Dollar Tree. On Center Fences <= 4 ft. Get several wood pallets, have it stand on its side and secure the stability or just pile them up, you don’t even have to take them apart!. Now, there is a new easy-to-install solution to an old problem. Buy great products from our Fence Posts Category online at Wickes. The first thing you need to do is decide where you are going to build your fence. 0 out of 5 stars 3. Installing a wooden fence is an easy way to mark property lines or keep pets safely within a yard. Water runs along the edge of the concrete footing and creates a mud layer. Our range of fences are suitable for both domestic and commercial applications and are available in many types of styles so you can enjoy the benefits of a sturdy, secure fence. Cut the top off a post and see how far the chemical goes into the wood. How much a fence should cost. Although board fence posts can be either round or square, ProFence only uses round posts because they last longer. Secure 2 horizontal or racked rails between posts. Quality Supplies & Expert Service. The perfect fence posts paired with your chosen fence panels will create a strong, attractive border for your garden. It’s like you’re building something to push back against the force of the wire. Affiliated with the Osmose treating system, our goal is to provide our customer with the best quality product at competitive prices. Our fence posts are available in a range of 6 Styles: City Fence Wood Fence Post Styles. Aug 3, 2019- Explore janelless's board "Ideas for old fence post", followed by 271 people on Pinterest. The fence boards and posts will always start to rot around the nail holes and where you cut them off. 6″X8′ Pressure Treated Cylinder Fence Posts $ 16. Add about 10 inches of gravel to the hole. auto animal clothing footwear farm fencing home lawn & garden outdoors pet power equipment projects tools toys FLYER DEALS NEW PRODUCTS CLEARANCE OFAH SHOP REWARDS REPAIR SHOP KNOW HOW LAST CALL CONNECTED TO THE LAND. This will safeguard against fence post failure due to rot. For example, if you are looking for advice on working with our spindles, click here. Taking into account what material the post is made of will help you get the job done well. Find a fence panels on Gumtree, the #1 site for Free Stuff & Freebies classifieds ads in the UK. 01 SECTION INCLUDES A. Our pressure treated fence posts are guaranteed to be dried and properly treated with CCA to the retention rate of. Find quality fence post caps online or in store. American Timber and Steel is proud to offer you our American Timber and Steel is one of the leading manufacturers of round fence posts in North America. In other words, board on board fences layer vertical boards on top of each other. A fence differs from a wall in not having a solid foundation along its whole length. Post depth was the issue for me, regarding my other post about wind load. Our Nashville fence company services Davidson, Williamson, and Rutherford counties. We do residential and commercial work, from backyard fence repair to a complete baseball field fence installation!. Shop fence hardware in the fencing & gates section of Lowes. The fence boards and posts will always start to rot around the nail holes and where you cut them off. Horse Posts. Be sure to add gravel to the bottom of your hole for water drainage. Usually, wood fence posts are 20 inches deep. We have (11) 4x4 Wooden products available. In California, our redwood - the "white wood" is worthless in the ground but the heart or red will last a very long time. To set a fence post with concrete: 1. We also offer pipe base posts as an option to ensure a very long life of your fence. Post are made from high quality Cedar wood. If you must install them by yourself, you’ll need a 2×4 or 4×4 piece of wood to act as a ground spacer for the panel to sit on while nailing it to the stringer. Gate frames are the best brace structure to minimize sag and our gate hardware is the best the industry has to offer. The above ground sections of the wood fence you installed, not that many year ago, looks good but the post are rotten and need to be replaced. A Post and Dowel fence, also known as Western Rail Fencing, is known for its round posts and round rails. Wooden Fence Posts. Steel Fence Post Lifter Star Picket Remover Fencing Puller Electric Fence Puller. These real wood posts come with a natural taper. Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction has made us a leader in the fencing industry. However, treated and stained white and red pine posts have proven to be an excellent choice for fence posts. “Since 1979 The Fence N’ Post has been committed to providing quality service ,value and dependability to each and every customer. However it can be quite difficult to break out the concrete on the back of the post. At Barrett Southwest Fence, wood fencing continues to be the most popular fencing option for homeowners throughout San Diego County. 23rd Street - Phoenix Arizona) manufactures chain link fencing and fabricates galvanized ornamental iron fence panels. Homeowners nationwide pay an average of $559 to repair a wooden fence. com for sale are available!Talk with suppliers directly to customize your desired product and ask for the lowest price, good discount, and shipping fees. Hinges on wood gates are mounted with heavy-duty screws or lag screws, but they can lose their grip over time. For a Century, we have been making every type of wooden fence you can imagine. Wood Fence to Steel Post Adapter Brackets (Line and Corner) Attach around the round steel post with machine screw and bracket fits under and over the wood back rail - nailed on. Fiber, or Synthetic Composite Fence Posts are not as structurally rigid as wood, therefore 4x4 fiber posts should not be used for Fences over 4-ft ht. But it's work that's crucial to the long-term performance of your wood fence. On Center Fences <= 4 ft. The posts of your fence can be used for more than just holding your slats up. Houstonian Fence provides premium fence materials and supplies to the Houston market (including Houston, Woodland, King Wood, Clear Lake, Sugarland, Cyprus, Katy, and More…) We can deliver all of your favorite looks right to your door, as we have all the fencing supplies you need. We will professionally install your fence or sell materials direct to you to build yourself. Fix fence posts while they are still in the ground. Give your estate this rustic and attractive fencing and enjoy years of the best looking wooden ranch fence available. They can also keep a wood fence from warping or falling during a windstorm. Fence post extensons are used when larger panels than the post are designed for. 4x4 Wood Fence Post Caps fit deck and fence posts measuring 3 1/2 to 3 5/8 inches, and FULL 4x4 caps fit posts measuring up to 4 inches. Further, to ensure our timber fence posts are environmentally and ethically sourced we supply FSC accredited fence posts. The first thing you need to do is decide where you are going to build your fence. We also stock pressure treated gravel boards to further enhance the appearance and life span of your garden fence. The bacteria and fungi responsible for wood rot need four things to survive: Temperature(50°F-90°F), food, water, and oxygen. When it comes to building a fence, it is important to have install fence posts to ensure the most stable wooden fence possible. Get free 2-day shipping on qualified Post, Wood Fence Posts products or buy Lumber & Composites department products today with Buy Online Pick Up in Store. In either case we recommend your posts to be installed at least 30 inches in the ground and secured with concrete. Pressure Treated Fence Post. Call for volume discount! 6"X8' Pressure Treated Cylinder Fence Posts. To carry out the replacement, you need work gloves, work boots, a post-hole digger, and a narrow shovel. Kalamazoo Forest Products wholesale pressure treated CCA lumber wood products steel-backed timber highway guardrails DOT Department of Transportation approved fence posts poles landscape poplar oak red pine southern yellow pine white pine. Wrought Iron Fence Austin Fence Supply is a manufacturer and wholesaler of quality, powder coated wrought iron fence. are you going to cut the vinyl posts? Because they are designed to go below the surface. Posts are drilled 16″ on center to accept rails and have domed tops. The Wood Post Puller is the only method that 'cuts' the post out of the ground. Solar Post Cap Lights Outdoor- 4 Pack LED Fence Post Lights for Wooden Posts Warm White Waterproof for Deck, Patio or Garden Decoration (Black) 4. You cannot receive a refund if you have placed a ShippingPass-eligible order. We prefer locust posts for horse and cattle fencing. Our Port Richey fence company services Pasco County and Hernando County. Shiplap fence panels, relatively light weight, constructed in traditional horizontal overlap style. Our range of fences are suitable for both domestic and commercial applications and are available in many types of styles so you can enjoy the benefits of a sturdy, secure fence. Measure one run of the fence, from corner post to corner post. Jim started with standard wood 4×4 posts. Premier has a wide range of connectors and accessories available to fit your needs. Metal fence posts have many advantages over their wooden counterparts. There are 3 panels, posts and trellises (roughly 6ft each in. Atlas Outdoor offers complete in-house manufacturing, forging, installation and maintenance, and creates quality custom fencing that reflects your unique style and enhances the beauty of your home. A spacer apparatus and method to prevent dry rot damage to a fence is provided. Carvings - You can purchase wood posts or panels with decorative carvings that create unique patterns to set your fence apart and give it some character. Compare to other methods - the Wood Post. CopperNap Round Rail CopperNap is a very long lasting product that also offers 2 different sizes that are not available in the standard ACQ we have offered for many years. Today Western Wood Products manufactures a wide variety of wood products: Round wood - Fence posts, Rails, Posts and Poles all of various sizes and either treated or. Compared to vinyl or wood, fewer styles are available with composite fencing, whose designs are mainly limited to fence types that involve boards—privacy, shadow box, and post-and-rail fences. We supply trade quality DIY and home improvement products at great low prices. requirements for wood, chainlink & other types of fence construction a. It could be argued that T posts are better than wood since they give under impact. Using fence post driver to set metal posts. Nooo! Not wood! Go metal galvanized 2 3/8” posts they don’t rot. Surround your property with products you can trust by using Culpeper Wood pressure treated fencing. This fence is supported by steel poles instead of wooden posts. Wood Posts Should Last Decades! Unfortunately, most do not. We have both wooden fence posts and concrete fence posts available, in a selection of different sizes. i like to install fence posts at least 2 ft. Buy Direct Vinyl Fence has been manufacturing vinyl fences for over 15 years and is your online source to factory direct vinyl fencing. Fence Post Options Postmaster Steel Fence Posts Master Halco’s patented PostMaster steel post for wood fencing is engineered to provide you with the strength of steel without sacrificing the natural beauty of wood. Set post supports in concrete at 8' spacing. If you are needing an area to work livestock, or you are crowding animals against the fence, nail on rail may be an ideal choice. If the fence post is not properly set, your fence will not hold. Taking into account what material the post is made of will help you get the job done well. professionally installs, designs, manufactures, and wholesales, the finest quality custom decorative and privacy cedar wood fencing available. Maybe you haven’t completely decided on a wood fence with metal posts. Are wood posts usually harder to pull up? I'm cutting a new driveway and had a DanG hard time pulling out an old wooden fence post sunk about 4 feet in the ground. PGT is suitable for standard applications as well as corners and splices. Electric fence product specialists avaliable online and by phone. Use the same piece of wood as a guide all the way around. Huge selection of fence posts-wood, composite, t-posts, plastic, fiberglass, step-in posts. Florida Fence Post Company, Inc. garden fence wooden fence post wooden gate. I just had a new wooden privacy fence installed (Cypress). The principal species of wood we offer is Southern Yellow Pine. He started doing fence work because he thought it would be fun. This includes square profiles for use as fence posts and deck supports and rectangular boards for decking. No one else does it like McArthur; McArthur is the Envy of the Industry. Shopping Cart 0 items in your cart. Over the years, our Connecticut company grew into one of the most successful fence companies in the Northeast. 00 Centaur Fence Insulated Wood Post Brackets for Coated (thicker wire. Electric fence product specialists avaliable online and by phone. Decorative and appealing, post caps and finials provide that finishing touch to your fence project. If the section is screwed in place, give yourself a pat on the back. They also don't need regular maintenance. Generic fence installation. Putting Fence Posts Into the Ground Whenever we build new fence using wood posts, setting the posts is usually considered the hardest job. As far as wood in the ground, the heartwood will usually be more resistant to decay than the sapwood, so take that into consideration when thinking round posts vs. Pressure-Treated Wood Posts. The best repair is to remove the old post and replace it with a new one, but this method is not always feasible. 5g is a high tensile fence. All fence posts are treated to. Pressure Treated Wood Bulkhead, Dock and Pier Pilings Treated wood posts, poles and pilings used in marine and shoreline applications require a more rebust level of treatment than wood fence posts and poles used on the farm or ranch. 7860 DIAGONAL. The most common types of wood fencing include wood privacy fence, wood picket fence, and post and rail wood fence. The finished fence looks like it has wooden posts, but it will last many years longer. Let us help you secure your land, call Myrstol Post and Pole Company now!. Get it as soon as Tomorrow. Give your yard just the right amount of seclusion with a wooden privacy fence. What would it cost for a handyman to replace fence post? The original redwood fence post was rotted away at the bottom. Without stable fence posts, your fence could fall and you would have to replace the posts every few. When DOES a fence post need concrete footing? Framed up wooden privacy fences 5ft or higher should use posts footed in concrete. Installing wooden fence posts can be tricky but with the right knowledge and tools, you can get the job done correctly. Find quality fence post caps online or in store. We will professionally install your fence or sell materials direct to you to build yourself. While fencing is a valued item to add to your home, it certainly doesn’t carry the “glamour” value like a deck or home theater room. Texas Fence Supply was established in 1965 by Dennis, and his father Ralph. Our posts and poles are used for projects from marine construction such as piers, docks, bulkheads and retaining walls to farm and ranch fence or utility poles. About Product Availability :Our inventory turns over very quickly, and our inventory is not always the same, so it's important to double-check pricing before you buy (even if you've bought that product before); we may have the same product with a different price because it came from a different vendor, or pricing may vary because…. 99 per ft, includes steel in bottom rail, posts and caps. Whatever application you want, we can meet it. Our fencing materials include (but are not limited to): • Treated fence posts, pointed, capped or blunt. Related: 7 common cattle fencing mistakes. Split rail wood fencing, privacy panel wood fencing, and wood picket fencing are all popular fence choices. The Ultimate Guide to Farm Fencing Options. - Post sleeves cover wood posts on new construction. Our fence stakes (posts) are suitable for use with a wide range of applications including stock fencing, wire netting fencing, deer fencing and more. Home | Garden. Find A Contractor. Our Pensacola fence company services the Florida panhandle west of Panama City to the Alabama state line. thaJungle-Doa. At Gainesville Fence we are ready to answer all of your questions and put your mind at ease. Chad Hoover of Hoover Fence is an authority on wood. has RI wood cedar fence. We offer an abundance of privacy, wood, vinyl, composite, ornamental aluminum and Alternative fence applications. The fact-checkers, whose work is more and more important for those who prefer facts over lies, police the line between fact and falsehood on a day-to-day basis, and do a great job. Today, my small contribution is to pass along a very good overview that reflects on one of Trump’s favorite overarching falsehoods. Namely: Trump describes an America in which everything was going down the tubes under  Obama, which is why we needed Trump to make America great again. And he claims that this project has come to fruition, with America setting records for prosperity under his leadership and guidance. “Obama bad; Trump good” is pretty much his analysis in all areas and measurement of U.S. activity, especially economically. Even if this were true, it would reflect poorly on Trump’s character, but it has the added problem of being false, a big lie made up of many small ones. Personally, I don’t assume that all economic measurements directly reflect the leadership of whoever occupies the Oval Office, nor am I smart enough to figure out what causes what in the economy. But the idea that presidents get the credit or the blame for the economy during their tenure is a political fact of life. Trump, in his adorable, immodest mendacity, not only claims credit for everything good that happens in the economy, but tells people, literally and specifically, that they have to vote for him even if they hate him, because without his guidance, their 401(k) accounts “will go down the tubes.” That would be offensive even if it were true, but it is utterly false. The stock market has been on a 10-year run of steady gains that began in 2009, the year Barack Obama was inaugurated. But why would anyone care about that? It’s only an unarguable, stubborn fact. Still, speaking of facts, there are so many measurements and indicators of how the economy is doing, that those not committed to an honest investigation can find evidence for whatever they want to believe. Trump and his most committed followers want to believe that everything was terrible under Barack Obama and great under Trump. That’s baloney. Anyone who believes that believes something false. And a series of charts and graphs published Monday in the Washington Post and explained by Economics Correspondent Heather Long provides the data that tells the tale. The details are complicated. Click through to the link above and you’ll learn much. But the overview is pretty simply this: The U.S. economy had a major meltdown in the last year of the George W. Bush presidency. Again, I’m not smart enough to know how much of this was Bush’s “fault.” But he had been in office for six years when the trouble started. So, if it’s ever reasonable to hold a president accountable for the performance of the economy, the timeline is bad for Bush. GDP growth went negative. Job growth fell sharply and then went negative. Median household income shrank. The Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped by more than 5,000 points! U.S. manufacturing output plunged, as did average home values, as did average hourly wages, as did measures of consumer confidence and most other indicators of economic health. (Backup for that is contained in the Post piece I linked to above.) Barack Obama inherited that mess of falling numbers, which continued during his first year in office, 2009, as he put in place policies designed to turn it around. By 2010, Obama’s second year, pretty much all of the negative numbers had turned positive. By the time Obama was up for reelection in 2012, all of them were headed in the right direction, which is certainly among the reasons voters gave him a second term by a solid (not landslide) margin. Basically, all of those good numbers continued throughout the second Obama term. The U.S. GDP, probably the single best measure of how the economy is doing, grew by 2.9 percent in 2015, which was Obama’s seventh year in office and was the best GDP growth number since before the crash of the late Bush years. GDP growth slowed to 1.6 percent in 2016, which may have been among the indicators that supported Trump’s campaign-year argument that everything was going to hell and only he could fix it. During the first year of Trump, GDP growth grew to 2.4 percent, which is decent but not great and anyway, a reasonable person would acknowledge that — to the degree that economic performance is to the credit or blame of the president — the performance in the first year of a new president is a mixture of the old and new policies. In Trump’s second year, 2018, the GDP grew 2.9 percent, equaling Obama’s best year, and so far in 2019, the growth rate has fallen to 2.1 percent, a mediocre number and a decline for which Trump presumably accepts no responsibility and blames either Nancy Pelosi, Ilhan Omar or, if he can swing it, Barack Obama. I suppose it’s natural for a president to want to take credit for everything good that happens on his (or someday her) watch, but not the blame for anything bad. Trump is more blatant about this than most. If we judge by his bad but remarkably steady approval ratings (today, according to the average maintained by 538.com, it’s 41.9 approval/ 53.7 disapproval) the pretty-good economy is not winning him new supporters, nor is his constant exaggeration of his accomplishments costing him many old ones). I already offered it above, but the full Washington Post workup of these numbers, and commentary/explanation by economics correspondent Heather Long, are here. On a related matter, if you care about what used to be called fiscal conservatism, which is the belief that federal debt and deficit matter, here’s a New York Times analysis, based on Congressional Budget Office data, suggesting that the annual budget deficit (that’s the amount the government borrows every year reflecting that amount by which federal spending exceeds revenues) which fell steadily during the Obama years, from a peak of $1.4 trillion at the beginning of the Obama administration, to $585 billion in 2016 (Obama’s last year in office), will be back up to $960 billion this fiscal year, and back over $1 trillion in 2020. (Here’s the New York Times piece detailing those numbers.) Trump is currently floating various tax cuts for the rich and the poor that will presumably worsen those projections, if passed. As the Times piece reported: